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Laura Kate Gamble


"I don’t think I completely understood what I was getting myself into, when I signed up to volunteer at La Casa del Buen Trato HOVDE for two months. In my head, I was going to spend my days with the kids at the shelter, laughing and playing as we casually chatted in Spanish. I felt prepared for this volunteer opportunity, and I was ready to serve...My time as a volunteer with Paz y Esperanza was different than anything I could have imagined. I stepped into a place brimming with hurt and suffering, where love and hope simultaneously existed. I met children, brave beyond their years, who patiently put up with my less than perfect Spanish, and graciously welcomed me into their home. I thought I would be the one who would pour out love, when really I was the recipient of that beautiful gift.  I will never forget my time here in Peru. It has had a huge influence on all facets of my life. I am thankful to have had this time to learn and grow. I hope that I have been able to give back in some small way during my time here, and I hope I will continue to use what I have learned as I continue on the road the Lord has prepared for me.”

Janine Sert


Internship Dates: February-July 2014
Internship Area:  Legal

"It's been almost three months since I've arrived in Guayaquil and I still discover new things everyday, some of which make me laugh, some of which make me sad. I felt welcomed from the beginning, by my host family as well as by my colleagues at the Paz y Esperanza office. I admire their perseverance and hope working for such an important cause, they really are like a small light shining through the dark realities of so many people. I feel blessed to be part of this team and I hope I can give back some of what I receive here for the time that I still have in beautiful Ecuador."

We are excited for the upcoming Andemos interns of 2014!

Little Rock Christian Academy, USA
Dates: June - December 2014
[Santa Cruz, Bolivia]

Chicago, IL, USA
Dates: August 2014 - May 2015
[Casa del Buen Trato Hovde, Peru]

Wheaton College, USA
Dates: June - December 2014
[San Martín, Peru] 

Wheaton College, USA
Dates: June - December 2014
[Guayaquil, Ecuador]

University of San Diego, USA
Dates: June - August 2014
[Ayacucho, Peru]

Ohio, USA
Dates: July - December 2014
[Casa del Buen Trato Hovde, Peru]


University of San Diego, USA
Dates: June - August 2014
[San Martín, Peru]


Wofford College

South Carolina, USA

“I really enjoyed spending time and relating with the girls, even though I do not speak much Spanish.  I advise future volunteers not to worry and just to be themselves, because the girls will still love to be around you." - Briana

"[The most difficult aspect of my volunteer experience] was leaving.  I felt like I had just gotten to the point where communicating and spending time with the girls was easy, but then it was time to go...For future volunteers, be ready to meet awesome girls.  Don't think of them as what they've been through in the past, but rather as the potential they have in the future."  - Leanna

Judson University

Illinois, USA

“When I think of my time in Peru, I think of an immense amount of brokenness. Brokenness that is so deep and dark, I cannot begin to comprehend it. But I also think of an outpouring of joy. Joy seen within very, very broken girls. Girls that have every excuse to be angry and bitter at the world, but choose to be joyful instead. I think the Lord blessed me with this experience for a lot of reasons, but one of them being to remind me of my own brokenness. " - Kirsten

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Journey Church

North Carolina, USA

“This is my second year as the leader for the Journey team to the Hovde House, and I am truly humbled to lead such wonderful servants and serve such a worthy organization. I have dedicated much of the past year and a half to fundraising efforts and organizing these trips so others can experience what it is like to travel to Peru and be changed by the people they encounter at Paz y Esperanza, Andemos and at the Casa del Buen Trato. There is nothing like this experience, you can’t explain it, you just have to go and let it change your life!

"One of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing how the men in our group that were so nervous about coming to a shelter with mostly all girls/women just opened right up and started playing double dutch jump rope, volleyball, or having conversations. It was amazing to see all of those walls fall down and the love of Christ shine through! My advice is to TRY and not have preconceived ideas of what to expect. Things change quickly and it is much easier to go with the flow and not anticipate so as not to be disappointed or thrown off schedule." - Kelley

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Andrés Barquero Garzón


"We worked in the office from Monday to Friday.  I did my internship in the area of Integral Mission.  One of my tasks included helping with a workshop among local pastors on the church's response to social conflicts in which pastors from the Apurímac region participated.

We also had the opportunity to visit Chaccrampa and Chiara, which are two rural communities in situations of extreme poverty.  These communities are very high in the sierra, and we are approximately 4,300 above sea level.  Paz y Esperanza works within these communities by supporting needs, promoting their programs in the comminty, and providing the Bilingual Intercultural Education Program.  After visiting these communities, I see why the Bilingual Intercultural Education Program is so important because the indigenous language Quechua is the primary means of communication among the majority of the population.  I learned a few words! 

I thank God for this great experience, and I also thank Paz y Esperanza for allowing me to volunteer with them.  The whole experience deeply impacted me by making me more sensitive and aware of needs, particularly in the area of defending the rights of vulnerable populations."

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Aylen Tymoszczuk


After my three days in Guayaquil, a woman asked me, '¿Ya te enseñaste?' (Have you taught yourself yet?).  I looked at her, surprised that I couldn't understand her question since it was in Spanish.  A girl next to the woman translated for me, "She wants to know if you've adapted to being here yet."  Evidently, I still had a long way to go.  Being in a different place, a different culture, can make you feel off-balanced for a moment, or perhaps two. 

Traveling to a new place helped me to once again be moved by so much pain, remembering that each person has their own story, and God created each person to live life to the full.  I was reminded that I cannot be indifferent to brokenness, mistreatment, violence; I need to respond.

We can decide to "teach ourselves" about the dark reality in which we live, or we can decide to do something, to go into the suffering places, and to commit to embody the values that Jesus taught to those who need it most- our cities, our neighbors, and ourselves as well.”

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Carmen Coaquira Peralta


"When I was selected to participate in Andemos Latino, I expected to only use my profession as a sociologist.  However, God had other plans to use parts of me that I hadn't considered very important, which included hairstlying and cosmetology.  When I led classes for the girls, they all participated and practiced doing each others hair and makeup.  I loved seeing them all helping each other.  They all wanted to make each other look pretty.  They would count down the days to our next class."


Thank you to all of our interns of Andemos Latino 2014!

Bogotá, Colombia
[Guayaquil, Ecuador]

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Santiago de Chile, Chile
[Apurímac, Perú] 

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