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Matt´s Story

“I’m conducting research on the rights of indigenous groups in relation to environmental policy during a six month internship with Paz in Moyobamba, Peru. Paz is doing incredible work in Moyobamba. It has been humbling to work alongside the staff at Paz y Esperanza. They have a drive for excellence in the way that they serve, and their gracious work environment provides space for me to make mistakes and to learn from them.” 

Ivy Ritchie


"Over the last four months, I’ve been helping Paz develop a new program that will help women and teenage girls who are victims of abuse become financially independent. I’ve also been putting together a grant proposal that will hopefully get this project off the ground. It has been a joy and an honor work alongside the staff in the Lima office. My coworkers are dedicated to excellence, enthusiastic about experimenting with new techniques for holistic mission, and persistent in the face of cultural and political opposition. They have taught me how to think less about myself and instead put all of my passions and my energies into supporting those who are vulnerable. They’ve also entrusted me with a lot of responsibility, which totally blows my mind. Due to the nature of my work, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different parts of Peru. This has been a blast. The Peruvians that I’ve met have been so engaging and patient with my broken Spanish. Cultural adaptation has been difficult at times, and I regret not knowing more Spanish when I came in. Nevertheless, I’m so glad I came. Interning with Paz y Esperanza has been the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Ashley Ramming


“Throughout my fourteen week internship with Paz y Esperanza, I worked four days at the Casa del Buen Trato Hovde and one day a week at the Huanuco office.  Although I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be doing at the start, I ended up working with the kids in the area of education. I began to tutor a young girl at the office when I was there. At the shelter, besides helping with the normal daily activities, I was given a few different tasks regarding five of the children and their educational needs.

During my time with Paz, I decided to apply to a Master’s program for International Education. I realized that this is where God has been leading me all along and my experience with this organization gave me insight into that and it provided me with some basic skills and knowledge that I will always carry with me. Overall, I learned about the importance of healthy relationships, the critical need for good education programs, and the impact passionate people can have when they are following the heart and will of God in helping others!”  

Leya Petronavi


"One of my responsibilities during my six month internship working with Paz here in Ecuador has been a community education program called 'Mujeres sin violencia, mujeres en desarrollo', or 'Women against violence, women in development'. We spent three months in five different neighborhoods of Flor de Bastión, one of the poorest, and most vulnerable areas of Guayaquil, every week with five different groups of women talking about self-esteem, violence, how to protect themselves and their communities, and how to ultimately be advocates of justice and leaders against violence in their own contexts. Through this weekly work with these women, I watched my director follow Jesus. It was not easy, but it was incredibly rewarding and beautiful to see God´s redemption begin to grow. It was only a start, and perhaps may not change all of Flor de Bastión, but I saw the love of Jesus there. I was able to be a part of God´s redeeming work there. I was able to participate in God´s justice, and that in and of itself made all of my time here worth it."

Thank you to all of our volunteers of 2012!

Wheaton College, USA
[San Martín, Peru]
Covenant College, USA
[San Martín, Peru] 
Southeastern University, USA
[Huánuco, Peru]

Wheaton College, USA
[Casa del Buen Trato Hovde, Peru]
[Huánuco, Peru]

Appalachian State University

North Carolina, USA

“Volunteering with Paz y Esperanza was an unforgettable experience. I had the amazing opportunity to lead my peers on a service trip to Huánuco, Peru where we worked with La Casa de Buen Trato. The group went through a transformational change because they woke up to the injustices that exist within their community. Each child and woman had a powerful effect on our hearts, and we will forever be inspired by the wonderful work that Paz y Esperanza does.” –Libba Moore

Friends of Hovde

Washington D.C., Georgia, California; USA

"When reflecting on the most meaningful experiences of the past year, volunteering at the Hovde House, was the most special experience we shared as a family. Although not all of us are very 'handy' in the building or painting department, the lovely staff allowed us each to find our niche and discover how we may best contribute to the children and the home. And, Hovde House was truly like a home. The staff seemed to know each child not only by name, but by personality. And, each child, or young adult, also seemed to look out for her sister, or brother. Although every young person had obviously overcome so much prior to coming to Hovde House, each one loved, kind and curious. It was a pleasure to see a young person light up when we tried to communicate in broken Spanish, or while we shared the common language of blowing bubbles in the sky. We only wish we could have had more time with all of them." - Deva

Thank you to all of our teams of 2013!

Ohio, USA
[Casa de Buen Trato Hovde, Peru]
North Carolina, USA
[Casa de Buen Trato Hovde, Peru]

 Thank you to all of our Andemos Latino interns of 2013!


[Guayaquil, Ecuador]