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Darby Hess   


“I was so privileged to work as a Communications intern for Paz y Esperanza, specifically with Andemos in Lima, Peru.  I helped Fiorella talk through plans for future projects as well as helped to create publicity materials for those projects, as well as other administrative tasks. I also had the incredible opportunity to serve with and translate for a group of students from Judson University at the shelter de Buen Trato in Huanuco, Peru.  This time not only touched my heart and impacted my days in Peru; it impacted the trajectory of my life. I knew upon arriving just how important working to care for the oppressed was to me, but I had never encountered tangible opportunities to experience this in a workplace. After my internship with Paz y Esperanza, the fire in my heart burns brighter with a desire to serve the Lord through seeking justice in my future career.  I learned through hands on experience and lots of responsibility. I came face to face with children and women that will always remain in my mind as reminders of hope and the redemption that comes through God’s people loving God’s people. I am forever changed, and forever thankful.” 

Liz Adams 


“I worked in the office of San Juan de Lurigancho this past summer in the legal department. The cases we dealt with were tough because the crimes that had been committed were so horrible. But the people I got to know and work with made everything worthwhile. I got to work one-on-one with the victims and their families. Developing a relationship with them was one of the best parts of my job. Also, the people at Paz y Esperanza that I worked alongside had such a passion to help those in need. It was truly a beautiful thing, and was an example of the kind of compassion that God's people should exhibit for others. I learned so much, and made lasting relationships. I was only in Peru for 6 weeks, and I found myself wanting to stay another 6 years. The time went by too fast, and it was too short. But Paz y Esperanza helped give me an idea of what I want to do in the future with my legal degree.” 

Thank you to all of our volunteers in 2011!

Wheaton College, USA
[San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru] 
Wheaton College, USA
[Ayacucho, Peru]
School of Law at Pepperdine University, USA
[National Office, Lima]
[National Office, Lima]
Pepperdine University, USA
[Huánuco, Peru]
[San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru]
Pepperdine University, USA
[San Martín, Peru]

University of Florida Team   

Florida, USA 

“I had to make sacrifices in my personal finances, give up my senior year spring break with my friends, forfeit certain comforts of home, but I don’t regret any of these small sacrifices!”  - Sarah 

“Personal highlights include being able to with the community center survey. I also loved seeing the smiles in the faces of the people we shared time with, they took us in as family.” - Michael

Judson University Team   

Illinois, USA

“I was introduced to Andemos through my University, and because of Paz y Esperanza’s passion for justice, I was hooked. I have worked with Andemos on short term volunteer work in Huanuco, Peru in March 2010, May 2011, and will be going again in May 2012. Every time I have been to Peru, it has been a different experience. Our groups have done cleaning, yard work, played with the children at the shelter, and just tried to help out wherever we could.  It has been amazing to see the relationships develop with the people who have helped our team from Andemos. While in Peru, it has been an awesome thing to see how God has changed the lives of the people in the shelter. Our group helped organize a Mother’s Day celebration to honor the mothers of the shelter, and planned a field day for the children to play soccer or volleyball and participate in relay races. It was so life changing to reflect on the miracle God has performed in Huánuco, Peru in the lives of these young children. I am so very thankful for being introduced to Andemos, and want to continue the partnership with Paz y Esperanza in the future. It has been an incredible experience and is totally worth it!” – Leah

Student Ministry Partners Team   

Wheaton College, USA

“During the summer of 2011, with three of my college friends, I volunteered with Paz y Esperanza for six weeks at the Casa de Buen Trato Hovde. Without a doubt, I consider my time at the shelter to be one of the best experiences of my life!  All of the people living and working at the shelter became like a family to my team and me in a matter of weeks. Together with the women, adolescents, and children, we ate delicious Peruvian food (mostly potatoes), played volleyball every day, celebrated birthdays, played “house” in a homemade fort, watched movies, danced, worked in the garden, talked while sitting outside, read the Word of God, and prayed. My team and I had the privilege of helping with the planning and carrying out activities for the shelter, including a sport’s day, a bonfire, and a pool day.  The love of Christ shines at the shelter as deep pain and hurt is perfectly united with life-giving joy and happiness. By God’s Grace, the peace and hope of Christ infuses into the lives of all that come to La Casa de Buen Trato Hovde.” - Sara

Thank you to all of our teams of 2011!

[Apurímac, Peru]

Minnesota, USA
[Huánuco, Peru]
[San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru]