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Bolivia (City of Santa Cruz)

+ General Information
+ History of Paz y Esperanza
+ Current Work
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General Information

Population: 1, 529, 000

Altitude: 416 m (1,365 ft.) above sea level

Average temperatures: 24˚C (75˚F)

The Paz y Esperanza office in Bolivia was opened officially on April 25th, 2010. The office is located in the city of Santa Cruz, a fast-growing city situated around 350 miles east of La Paz, one of the capitals of Bolivia. 

History of Paz y Esperanza

Within Latin America, Bolivia has the highest number of domestic violence cases against women. Furthermore, due to a corrupt and unjust judicial system, less than 1% of cases of violence against women end in conviction. The cry for justice comes from thousands of women and children throughout the country of Bolivia every day. Who will respond to their cries?    

Paz y Esperanza Bolivia seeks to holistically care for victims of injustice through legal, social, psychological, and pastoral services. As well, the multidisciplinary team works toward the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and violence against women. 

Current Work

  1. Holistic care for victims of abuse and their families. With their multidisciplinary team, Paz y Esperanza Bolivia provides emotional rehabilitation, social support, and legal defense to women, children, and adolescents who have been victims of physical, sexual, and psychological violence. Furthermore, Paz y Esperanza psychologists and local church pastors coordinate support groups for men and women in cases of domestic violence, which promotes healthy relationships and coping mechanisms between the victims of violence and the perpetrators of violence.
  2. Campaign for Healthy Relationships. Paz y Esperanza Bolivia joins together adolescents and young adults in the campaign that promotes healthy interactions with children and adolescents through theater, music, marches, and community “vaccinations”. This campaign is part of many campaigns initiated in Bolivia by Paz y Esperanza for the prevention of child sexual abuse and domestic violence. To learn more, watch the video about the original campaign in Uruguay.
  3. Church and Community Mobilization in Indigenous Communities—Umoja. Following Tearfund’s Umoja method and learning resources, Paz y Esperanza Bolivia works within local indigenous communities to promote community development, advocacy, and holistic mission from the local church and community members themselves. Through Bible studies, workshops, and education, Paz y Esperanza Bolivia seeks to equip the local church in indigenous regions of Bolivia to work for transformation within their communities. Learn more about the Tearfund's Umoja method.
  4. Promotion of the Holistic Mission of the Church. Paz y Esperanza conducts workshops, Bible studies, discipleship courses, and campaigns within local churches in Santa Cruz and two nearby provinces on the themes of holistic mission, social action, and community involvement.

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