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San Martín (city of Moyobamba)

+ General Information
+ History of Paz y Esperanza
+ Current Work
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General Information

Population: 71,000

Altitude: 860 m (2,800 ft) above sea level

Average temperatures: 23˚C (73˚F)

Moyobamba is located in the jungle region of Peru on a plateau overlooking the Alto Mayo Valley. It is generally warm and rains quite a bit.  Moyobamba has been nicknamed the "City of the Orchids" for its many varieties of the beautiful flower.

History of Paz y Esperanza

San Martín was the first of several offices opened around the country in the process of decentralization. From the very beginning the dream was to decentralize and to work and live with and near the people who we serve. San Martín was identified as one of the regions with the most need, highest indices of poverty, and neglect by the state.

The office was opened in Moyobamba, capital of San Martin on the 17 of April, 1999 to address the domestic violence and sexual abuse in the aftermath of the internal armed conflict. The next topics ventured into was conflict resolution, capacity building and strengthening from an intercultural perspective with indigenous communities and others, and environmental defense topics.

Current Work

  1. Land rights of Indigenous Communities.  Currently, indigenous people’s land is being threatened by profit-seeking people.  Paz y Esperanza in San Martín stands for the rights of the indigenous people.  One important case taken on by Paz y Esperanza was among the Shawi people, whose land was invaded by a Korean company seeking profits.  To see the report made by the Community Leader, check out this video:

  1. Sign language for deaf children.  In the Alto Mayo valley, there are a large number of deaf children and adolescents, and very few of them know sign language.  Paz y Esperanza teaches sign language to these children to enable them to interact with others and go to school.  Paz creates materials and educates the community and local authorities, in order that these children can have better education, health, and quality of life.
  2. Community Based Rehabilitation for disabled children.  In the Alto Mayo valley, many children with disabilities are hidden and left out of society because of ignorance.  For the sake of these vulnerable children, Paz y Esperanza provides education and emotional support to the parents and families.  As well, the community is educated and involved through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).  One the goals is that children with disabilities graduate from high school and later, publically advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion in society.
  3. Defending women and children’s rights in sexual violence.  The Alto Mayo region has been identified as a route in the sex trafficking trade of women and children.  Mafia groups enter poor villages and deceive women, children, and families with false promises of economic improvement.  Then, they take them out of their communities and into big cities, threatening them and taking away their personal documents so that they cannot return home.  In response to this worldwide injustice, Paz y Esperanza Moyobamba has formed a network of government institutions, private organizations, and churches.  Together, this network works to prevent the sex trade in these areas.  They bring awareness and make reports of suspicious activity and people.  Wherever possible, they provide treatment and support for victims once they have been rescued from the mafia.  To find out more, check out these videos:  "No Violence TV Commercial" and "Report Violence Against Women!".

Volunteer Opportunities

Internship:  [Access to Justice] [Communications] [Community Development] [Environment]


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