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San Juan de Lurigancho

+ General Information
+ History of Paz y Esperanza
+ Current Work
+ Volunteer Opportunities

General Information

Population: 1,106,453

Altitude: 200 m (656 ft) above sea level

Average temperatures: 18˚C (65˚F)

San Juan de Lurigancho is a district of Lima located northeast of the city center.  It is the most populous district in Lima and in all of Peru.  Its incredible growth is nearly entirely due to the centralist policies of the national government. Neglect of far-reaching parts of the country forced people towards Lima. There are also a large number of migrants who came to San Juan de Lurigancho to flee from terrorist violence during the years of political violence. This explains the primarily poor and migrant population in San Juan de Lurigancho.

History of Paz y Esperanza

Unlike other offices, work began in San Juan de Lurigancho without having a physical office there.  Months later, Paz y Esperanza decided that it would be in our work´s best interest to have an office there.  In March of 2003, the San Juan de Lurigancho office was opened.  While the San Juan de Lurigancho office is in the same city as the central office, it is more service-oriented than the more administrative, directive central office.  The San Juan de Lurigancho office focuses primarily on work with women and community leaders.

Current Work

  1. Women’s grass-roots organizations for the prevention of violence against women and children.  Within these organizations, the community women themselves advocate for women and children’s rights among political authorities.  As well, they support in the denouncement process of violence cases.  These organizations form the Women’s Rights Promotion Network (Red PRODEM).
  2. Natural Disaster Prevention and Risk Management.  In many communities of San Juan de Lurigancho, families are living in precarious conditions, such as shanty houses on a steep hill.  Paz y Esperanza advocates before government authorities for the creation and implementation of disaster prevention measures and risk management.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interns:  [Access to Justice]

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