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National Office, Lima

+ General Information
+ History of Paz y Esperanza
+ Current Work
+ Volunteer Opportunities

General Information

Population: 7,605,742

Altitude: 110 m (360 ft) above sea level

Average temperatures:  Summer (Dec-Apr):  24 ˚C (75 ˚F), Winter (Jun-Sept):  15 ˚C (60 ˚F)

Lima is a city of approximately 8 million people (nearly a third of Peru´s population). The weather is quite humid and the pollution is high.  A city of stark contrasts, Lima is home to people from all over the country (and world), as well from all socioeconomic levels. Lima has been a migration magnet, drawing people fleeing from the political violence that racked the country for two decades, as well as people seeking economic opportunities that are less accessible in smaller cities and rural areas.

History of Paz y Esperanza

Paz y Esperanza was founded in January 1996 by a small group of six Peruvian lawyers and other professionals who were passionate about justice in the midst of the armed internal conflict in Peru from 1980-2000.  Their work reached throughout the country of Peru but was based in Lima.  Today, the National Office continues to be Paz y Esperanza´s headquarters in Latin America. The office is located in Jesús María, Lima.

Current Work

  1. Executive direction.  The national and international directors are based in Lima, though they oversee and often visit the regional offices of Paz y Esperanza in all of Latin America.  As well, central office directors relate with various international organizations for partnerships, funding, and support.
  2.  Political Advocacy Center.  Political advocacy is an essential function of Paz y Esperanza.  The Lima center coordinates and trains regional office advocacy for a unified, institutional promotion of just causes in the local and national government.
  3. Administration.  In the national and international office, institutional accounts are maintained, and financial reports are prepared for supporting agencies.
  4. Andemos Volunteer Program.  Based in Lima, the Andemos program recruits, coordinates, directs, and supports volunteers from around the world who want to partner with Paz y Esperanza. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Interns:  [Communications] [Community Development] [Holistic Mission]

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