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Andemos volunteers are matched with one of Paz y Esperanza’s regional offices or one of our partner organizations* in Latin America.  Placements are based on the needs of the offices and the unique interests and experiences of the volunteer.

What is unique about Andemos?

As a volunteer program, Andemos has a permanent presence in different cities in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia in addition to a broader network of organizations that operate throughout South America. Andemos volunteers develop their skills as members of the local team working on human rights and development projects in the communities where we work. With Andemos, you can contribute to the implementation of locally-developed solutions based on each community’s unique needs and context. In addition, Andemos is a program born out of an initiative of people of faith in the Southern and Northern hemispheres, with affiliated offices in the USA and UK. As such, we share the priorities and values of Christians and non-Christians alike who desire to work for justice, holistic development, and peace in our world.

Where do Andemos volunteers work?

Find out about the unique setting, history, and projects of each office using our interactive map!  

Guayaquil, Ecuador
San Martín
Casa del Buen Trato Hovde
National Office
San Juan de Lurigancho
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

* Partner Offices

Andemos was started primarily to support the Paz y Esperanza offices and their volunteers, but we also have a network of Christian organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. If your skills and interests are a better fit with one of these organizations, we can also arrange these contacts. You will still be considered a part of Andemos and will be able to participate in the orientation courses and other activities, but will be working with our partners. More information is available upon request.