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Ecuador (City of Guayaquil)

+ General Information
+ History of Paz y Esperanza
+ Current Work
+ Volunteer Opportunities
+ Testimonies

General Information

Population: 2,350,000

Altitude: 4 m (13.2 ft.) above sea level

Average temperatures: 26˚C (79 ˚F)

Guayaquil is the largest and most populous city in Ecuador (“equator”).  It is located on the Guayas River.  The city is close to 245 km (150 miles) south of the equator, hence the country’s name.

History of Paz y Esperanza

Since 2009, the Peace and Hope office in Ecuador has provided care for the people and communities around them who suffer direct violations of their rights.  They provide direct legal advice to victims, promote psychological and spiritual rehabilitation, offer humanitarian aid, and advocate for victims before authorities and the public.  Through educational strategies, distribution of information, active research, social monitoring, public communication, and networking, the multidisciplinary team of Peace and Hope Ecuador promotes a culture of peace and justice in the midst of insecurity and violence.

Current Work in Ecuador

  1.  “Seeking Justice for Growing in Dignity” Paz y Esperanza’s multidisciplinary team provides holistic care to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence through legal defense, therapy sessions, criminal investigations, social work, and Bible study.
  2. “From violence to the tenderness of God”  Through Biblical reflection and instruction, Paz y Esperanza trains Christian leaders to be involved in the prevention of gender violence against women, within the church and in the community at large.
  3. “Women without Violence, Women in Development”  This program works to reduce violence in Flor de Bastión, a marginalized section of Guayaquil, through equipping and organizing women in the community to defend and exercise their rights and to educate others in the community.  As well, these women promote the interests and well-being of women in their community before local authorities.
  4. Promotion of holistic mission in evangelical churches.  In conjunction with the Micah Network (, this project focuses on empowering evangelical leaders to be involved in their communities through service and advocacy, especially among vulnerable opoulations.
  5. Campaign for a Latin America Free of Violence Against Women.  In conjunction with Restored (, this project is in its initial research phases to discover evangelical churches’ views and treatment of cases of domestic violence.

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