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Holistic Mission

Holistic mission (misión integral) is critical to the work of Paz y Esperanza.  As a Christian human rights organization, Paz y Esperanza believes that the Church is called follow Jesus’ example in caring for the whole person, including physical, spiritual, relational, environmental, and psychological needs.  Thus, integral mission is the holistic response to human needs, in order that they may have the full and abundant life that Jesus gives.

As a volunteer in this area, you have the unique opportunity to learn from pastoral workers and theologians of Paz y Esperanza who have years of experience in doing holistic mission in Latin America.  Furthermore, you will be able to lead workshops in the community, support abuse victims and their families in the recovery process, and create and maintain contacts within the local churches.  This unique opportunity to learn about holistic mission in Latin America carries with it a challenge—don’t leave integral mission in Peru, Ecuador, or Bolivia; put the holistic mission of the church into action in your home community!

Volunteer Profile

  • Studies in theology, Bible, Christian education, and related fields.
  • Committed member of a church.
  • Commitment to justice, social issues, and holistic mission.
  • Willingness to share God’s Word in different spaces, especially reflecting on the holistic mission of the church (under supervision and accompaniment of Paz y Esperanza staff member).
  • Computer knowledge applicable to making presentations.
  • Experience in pastoral counseling preferable in some sites.
  • Intermediate-Advanced Spanish required.

General Activities

  • Supporting (and eventually leading) workshops on holistic mission and related themes to pastors and church leaders
  • Making and maintaining connections between local churches and Paz y Esperanza
  • Supporting workshops within schools, churches, and the community on the prevention of abuse, promotion of healthy relationships
  • Accompanying Paz y Esperanza staff on home visits to victims of abuse and their families
  • Leading devotionals for Paz y Esperanza and/or groups of the beneficiaries
  • Providing pastoral counseling and/or Bible study for victims of abuse and their families with support of Paz y Esperanza staff
  • Supporting advocacy campaigns on themes such as exposing corruption, holistic mission, and related themes, through writing materials, involving local church leaders, etc

* The actual job description and actions to be undertaken vary from site to site.  For more information on a specific project, contact us!

Specific Opportunities

Holistic Mission among Indigenous Churches


  • Visiting local communities to help with and support workshops on human rights, holistic mission, leadership formation,  community development, and conflict-resolution.
  • Coordinating with community leaders and attending meetings of indigenous church network.
  • Supporting the administrative team in this area.


  • Intermediate level Spanish required
  • Area(s) of study:  Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work, Community Development, Theology
  • Committed to the Church
  • At least 3 months of previous intercultural experience
  • Experience in working with church leaders or indigenous groups
  • Knowledge and willingness to learn about conflict resolution, community involvement, and human rights
  • Able to travel between indigenous villages while based in Santa Cruz
  • Able to create documents and presentations using Windows

Start date: January or July 2014   Commitment:  3 months-2 years

Jennifer’s Story 

“I have been here in Peru for three months working in San Juan de Lurigancho, as well as the National Office in Lima.  This experience has been incredible.  It has helped me to confirm my calling as a missionary and my love for Latin America.  My biggest question over the past couple of years as a seminary student has been how my faith can be put into practice...For me, this internship has been incredibly helpful in understanding how I start to confront problems in society and confront the realities that we all face.  As a Christian, how does my faith look in reality, in our world?  This internship has really helped me begin to answer these questions.  It has confirmed my desire to work for justice and create a little more of God’s Kingdom here on the earth for the people around me, for my neighbor, for people in my country, for people here in Peru and for people in Latin America.”

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Available Internship Sites: [Ayacucho, Peru] [Casa de Buen Trato Hovde, Peru] [Guayaquil, Ecuador] [Huánuco, Peru] [Santa Cruz, Bolivia]
Start Date: January, May-August
Commitment Length: 3-12 months
Cost:  $750-950*/monthly (depending on the placement)
*Cost does not include flights, visas and injections.  What do you get for your money?

Application Deadline:  3 months before anticipated arrival date