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Opportunities for Interns

As a long-term volunteer with Andemos, you have the opportunity to volunteer with Paz y Esperanza in one of the following six areas:  access to justice, advocacy and communications, community development, comprehensive rehabilitation, environment, and integral mission.  Each area has its specific requirements, job description, and site availability.  Based on your interests, experiences, and skills, you will be placed within one of these areas in one of Paz y Esperanza’s nine regional offices.  Find out what area best fits your unique interests, experiences, and skills, and then, let’s explore together what your next step may be!

Access to Justice

How does it feel to suffer violence and abuse without anyone to defend your rights or rescue you from oppression?  The people whom Paz y Esperanza serves know that feeling all too well.   If you have a background in law, political sciences, or the like, join together with Paz y Esperanza lawyers and public policy professionals to play a key part in the long process of giving access to justice those who otherwise would be alone and powerless following injustice.

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Advocacy and Communications

Without their effective advocacy and communications area, Paz y Esperanza would be a largely unknown and isolated Christian human rights organization in Latin America. For the advocacy and communications area, Andemos is looking for innovative and passionate individuals who desire to put their creativity and gifts toward the cause of justice for the most vulnerable.  Could that be you? 

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Community Development

Each year, Paz y Esperanza develops and implements various community programs that seek to contribute to the empowerment of vulnerable groups.  As an intern in the multi-faceted community development area, you will have the opportunity to do research within communities, collaborate on development programs, and support grassroots organizations in their efforts.    

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Doing justice goes far beyond the courtroom!  The victims of abuse whom Paz y Esperanza serves need a lawyer to stand up for their rights in court, but they also desperately need a psychologist, a friend, a social worker, a caretaker, a nurse and a brother or sister in Christ to walk beside them in the long healing process following abuse and violence.  Come be a part of the healing process!  

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What does the environment have to do with justice?  The environment we live in significantly affects our daily lives.  Whether it is the protection of natural resources, the promotion of healthy food production, or the improvement of a poor community’s living conditions, environmental justice work is an important part of Paz y Esperanza’s work among vulnerable populations in Latin America.

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Integral Mission

As a Christian human rights organization, Paz y Esperanza believes that the Church is called follow Jesus’ example in caring for the whole person, including physical, spiritual, relational, environmental, and psychological needs.  Thus, integral mission is the holistic response to human needs, in order that they may have the full and abundant life that Jesus gives.  As a volunteer in this area, you have the unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside pastoral and theologians of Paz y Esperanza who have years of experience in doing integral mission in Latin America. 

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