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Andemos Internship is an intensive, 3-12 month volunteer program for young adults who seek justice and desire to learn and serve in a Paz y Esperanza office in their specific field of interest.   


This program is especially aimed at students or recent graduates interested in gaining substantial professional and life experience. However, we also welcome seasoned professionals who are eager to leverage their experience in defense of vulnerable populations.


A service-learning internship with experienced staff in one of the following areas: law, psychology, research and development, environment, children’s home care assistant, social work, theology, communication, advocacy, and education. Find out more in Internship Opportunities.

* All opportunities on this site are unsalaried.


One of Paz y Esperanza’s offices and/or project sites in Peru, Bolivia, or Ecuador. Learn more about where we work in Places.


Internships generally begin in January or July. However, these dates can be flexible.

How much?

The average program cost for six months is $3,200 but this amount may vary based on your specific placement. Please read more in Costs.

I live?


The Andemos team will arrange safe housing accommodations for each volunteer that is close to the place of work and, preferably, with a host family.



Apply online or contact us at with any questions!

Lindsey: The picture of justice

To say that working with Paz y Esperanza was both a joy and an honor would be to repeat words that have already been said. As the interning photographer for Paz this last summer (2017), I had the incredible opportunity to visit almost all of their Peruvian offices, and in each one I was welcomed with open arms – not only as a fellow worker and professional, but as a human and fellow sister in Christ. In the offices I saw Micah 6:8 lived out: these people do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. Their passion for their people challenges me. Their trust and love for God in the face of enormous injustices amazes me. Their lives, their hopes, their dreams, their concerns, cause me to inspect myself and question many things I have always taken for granted and to re-evaluate my values and my culture in the light of the global church, the relations between the global North and global South, and the vision of the world God sets before us in His word. Their generosity and hospitality, the great care that they take of their interns in the midst of their work, are a beautiful testament to the generosity and hospitality of our God. They truly reflect the God who told us, ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied’ (Luke 6:20-21). To work alongside them and be able to support them in their mission through my photography was an honor, a joy, and a deeply humbling process.” 


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